Green & Environmentally Responsible

We continuously strive to exceed our guests’ expectations & provide innovative and enjoyable, quality tours throughout Victoria that respect the environment and local culture.

Bunyip Tours would not exist without the stunning beauty and unique native flora and fauna of Victoria’s natural environment and recognises that it has a responsibility
to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental
performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods, with regular review points. We will encourage customers, suppliers and
other stakeholders to do the same.

Commitment to Conservation

We help support the animals and conservation and education programs at Moonlit Sanctuary by sponsoring a Spotted Quoll & Koala which contributes directly to their conservation breeding programs for endangered species such as the orange-bellied parrots and bush-stone curlews. We ensure we align ourselves with eco-certified operators such as Moonlit Sanctuary and Phillip Island Nature Park.

Carbon Offsetting

We proudly work with Greenfleet to offset the our touring fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions. Since July 2006 we have offset more than 3434 tonne of carbon using a range of third party programmes.

In-house initiatives
  • We are part of Planet Ark’s cartridge recycling program
  • Our brochures are printed using vegetable based inks on FSC mixed sources paper
  • All other marketing collateral is distributed either via USBs, or email to reduce the need for paper
  • We have a “think before you print” policy and encourage staff to reduce usage of resources (i.e. lights off, computers off overnight etc)
  • We keep our groups small, to a maximum of 24 guests
  • We purchase bulk supplies/dry goods for tours to reduce packaging/waste
Certified by Ecotourism Australia

Bunyip Tours is eco-certified with Eco Tourism Australia and have been for 10 years. in 2018 Bunyip was recognised as a green leader for it’s long term commitment to the program. We have adopted its principles of environmentally sustainable practices and providing high quality nature-based tourism experiences. Along with every aspect of the business adopting these standards, we expect our guides to undertake training to assist them in their understanding of the principles of eco-tourism. All guides are expected to complete the eco guide program under their own initiative.

Our guides are instructed to ensure minimal environmental impact, and to provide accurate interpretation, and keeping wildlife disturbance to a minimum by viewing from appropriate distances and informing our guests how to view wildlife with patience and respect.

Activities are always confined to tracks and boardwalks to minimise negative impacts.

Eco-tourism is defined as tourism in natural areas focusing on optimal resources use, conservation practices and helping local communities.

Want to know more about our green initiatives?

Read on for a report from Carbon Balanced Consulting regarding carbon offset initiatives we have been involved in recently.

Audit Period July 2016 – June 2017
Carbon Offset Type: IMF – Improved Forestry Management
Avoided Deforestation Tasmania
Carbon Offset Provider: VCU Voluntary Carbon Standard
Amount: 736 tonne
Registry: VCU Voluntary Carbon Standard

‘Bunyip Tours organises various scenic tours to the beautiful Victorian forests and wildlife sanctuaries along with arranging numerous day/night treks and mountain excursions. The carbon balanced solution is a key part of their environmentally responsible tourism and purchasing domestic carbon credits that have local environmental, and community co-benefits, were an important criteria in selecting which credits to invest in.

As tours owners themselves Bunyip Tours felt strongly about investing in forestry credits that help restore and re-balance the natural environment and chose to go with Forests Alive, a project in Tasmania that is 100% Australian carbon offsets. This unique project saves forests from being over logged and maintains the existing habitat from any loss. It is on one of the first Avoided Deforestation projects of its kind in Australia

The Forest Alive offsetting project directly provides the following benefits:

  • Avoiding emissions by discouraging logging and deforestation.
  • Supporting the protection of Native forests.
  • Preservation of iconic endangered wildlife and conservation of their natural habitat like the Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Spotted Quoll and Tasmanian devil.
  • Promoting a healthy ecosystem by supporting Australian Biodiversity.

You can download the full report here and learn about other carbon offset initiatives we have contributed to, including Wind Turbines in Maharistra India and Mongolia. Feel free to view our most recent Carbon Balanced Statement.

How you can practice being green:

  • Sponsor an animal at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
  • Think of the environment before printing!
  • Travel with Bunyip Tours! BOOK NOW
  • Learn more about recycling: Get it Right On Bin Night