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Never heard of Wilsons Promontory? That’s because it is Melbourne’s best kept secret. But we’ll let you in on it.

“The Prom”, as it is known to locals, is a bird watcher and hiker’s paradise, with unspoiled white sand beaches, breathtaking mountain views and an abundance of wildlife it is heaven for nature lovers. Come with us to see the Prom and we will show you wild emus and kangaroos, you might even be lucky enough to meet one of the local wombats that call this pristine national park home. See for yourself why this region is considered to be one of the most diverse natural areas in Australia with species common to both the mainland and Tasmania.

We had a good day at Wilson’s prom, it was a long drive but the beaches were spectacular. The guide was great, very engaging and enthusiastic.
— Adam, Tripadvisor

We have daily tours of the Wilsons Prom, you will see so much more with Bunyip!

Explore some of the excellent hiking tracks and experience the incredible views of mainland Australia’s most southern point. After working up a sweat on the hiking trail take a dip at one of the Proms perfect beaches. Find out how Squeaky Beach got its name as the ultrafine silica sands sing beneath your feet.

So pack your hiking boots, bathers and a towel and jump aboard the next Bunyip bus to Wilsons Promontory. We know you’ll love it – just don’t tell too many people, it’s a secret.

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