Top 5 things to pack for the Great Ocean Road

Bunyip guide Katherine has given us her Top 5 things to pack when visiting the Great Ocean Road.

Cruising along the scenic and winding Great Ocean Road, is on most visitors’ ‘must-do’ list when holidaying in Melbourne, be sure to pack the following items!


The Great Ocean Road gives you almost endless opportunities for great photos – don’t be surprised if you’ve taken a few hundred by the end of the day. Whether you’re the king of the selfies, master of landscapes, or prefer the all-in group photo, you’ll have no shortage of great locations. The Great Ocean Road travels through three diverse landscapes; the winding surf coast, the rainforest drive, and the spectacular Shipwreck Coast.

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Even if you don’t have an Australian sim card or phone number – bring your phone because all of our Bunyip buses have free wifi available onboard. You can still check in to all the different locations, post your pictures, and basically make all your friends back home jealous!


Known for incredible views and breathtaking lookouts, you don’t want to be fighting the glare of the sun during your day trip. Particularly during the summer months you’ll need sunglasses, but even in winter you’ll likely be more comfortable if you bring a pair. Pack your favourite sunnies – we promise they’ll come in handy!

Water bottle

The towns and destinations of the Great Ocean Road provide plenty of opportunities to fill water bottles, with cold, clean drinking water. From Torquay to the 12 Apostles you can stay hydrated all day. So to save you money, and save the environment from more plastic bottles, bring your own drink bottle with you on the day.

An appetite for the best icecream in Australia

This one is hard to pack, but you can definitely bring it with you – an appetite for icecream! Located in Apollo Bay, the walls of Dooley’s Icecream Shop are lined with awards. They make the icecream on site and always like to experiment with new flavours – even the Vegemite icecream has become a regular feature. No trip to the Great Ocean Road is complete without a trip to Dooley’s – a delicious way to finish off our list!

Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay icecream Visit Loch Ard Gorge

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