FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack?

  • Good shoes/ boots for walking

  • Appropriate clothing for warm & cold conditions

  • Sunscreen, hat & toiletries

  • Camera

  • Water Bottle

  • Torch (optional on multi day tours)

  • Sleeping Bag (hire is available for $15)

Are there any luggage restrictions?

Only hand luggage is allowed on our 1 day tours. On extended tours we request you keep your luggage to a maximum of 15 kgs in a backpack or soft overnight bag if you are travelling in one direction (i.e from Melbourne to Sydney or Melbourne to Adelaide). For Extended tours returning to Melbourne we ask you to keep your luggage to a small bag up to 5 kgs, enough for the duration of the trip. 

What sort of vehicle will I be travelling in on our sightseeing tour?

We have a variety of buses in our fleet ranging from 13 seater vehicles to 24 or 27 seater vehicles, so on the majority of our tours you will be travelling in a small modern air conditioned bus. Please note however that we reserve the right to use larger vehicles during the peak season.

What are Bunyip Tours Terms and Conditions?

Click here to read our Terms and conditions

What are my payment options?

We require full payment at the time of placing your booking. You can book online, or you can contact us by phone or email to secure a booking. Alternatively you can also pop into our City Office, located at 570 Flinders Street and book in person!

When booking online you can print an e-ticket, or can choose to have a booking confirmation e-mailed to any address you nominate (or both!)

Is there a courtesy pick up service available?

Yes. For pick up times and locations, please click here.

Are your tours wheel chair accessible

As our tours are run in 13 to 27 seat Minibuses they are not usually Wheelchair accessible unfortunately. In some cases exceptions can be made so it is best to contact us to enquire the tour you want to do including the date you would like to do it. 


The Great ocean Road and 12 apostles tour departs 7:30am and returns at 8pm approx while the sunset tour departs 10am(winter) or 11am(Summer) and returns 10pm(winter) and 11:55pm(summer). 

You'll visit Split point lighthouse and have lunch in Apollo bay on the Great ocean road and 12 apostles tour while on the sunset tour lunch is had at Narana Indigenous Cultural centre and there is no lighthouse visit.

Are there language translation sheets available for the tours?

Yes! Language translation sheets are available on all one day tours in the following language

What do the icons used throughout the website mean?

Wilsons Promontory FAQ


How much walking is there?

The walks are on well-maintained tracks and suitable for most people. There are 2 main walks, 1 is approx 7.0km (2hrs), the other is approx 3.0km (1½hrs). There are other options if you do not want to walk so much.

History Of Wilsons Promontory National Park - read more information on Wilsons Prom

Can we walk in jeans or flip flops?

Ideally no, you need to be comfortable and wear something practical.

Do we pay for permits?

No we pay for your permit.

Is the camp safe?           

You will not be alone. There are other campers close to you and rangers who patrol the area. There may also be other people booked who stay with you.

What amenities are there?

The park has toilet blocks with hot showers; there is a general store for food supplies and the visitor information centre for assistanc