Top 5 reasons to visit Wilsons Promontory National Park

Bunyip guide Leah has given us her Top 5 reasons to visit Wilsons Promontory National Park!

Wilsons Promontory National Park may just well be one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. A vast area, covering mountains, forest and coastline; the southern-most point of the mainland is a place for explorers who want to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds.

Avoid the crowds

Wilsons Promontory isn’t top of the list for many visitors to Melbourne. The national park is lesser known than other destinations such as the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island Penguin Parade. But for adventurous travellers, this means it’s the perfect place to avoid the crowds. Arrive at one of the many beaches at Wilsons Promontory and you may well find you’re the only one there. Make the effort to walk to the hilltop lookouts and you’ll be able to find a quiet spot to sit and take in the spectacular views.

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Incredible views

Wilsons Promontory has many different landscapes, all within the one national park, but for the ultimate views you need some elevation. Take a walk to the top of one of the peaks and you are sure to be rewarded with panoramic views of the hills, forests and coastline. On a clear day you can even see out to the offshore islands. There are many walking trails to choose from, so lace up your walking shoes and get going.

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Pristine beaches

The beaches of Wilsons Promontory are a welcome surprise to many visitors. It doesn’t take long after your feet have hit the sand to realise that this place is special. Clean, white sand stretches out before you, the sun shimmers on the turquoise water and the surrounding hills provide an incredible natural amphitheatre. The granite boulders that line the coast make for a distinctive backdrop, and are great for exploring. Take to the trails that link up the beaches and main township of Tidal River. Or find yourself a place on the sand with nothing but the sound of the waves for company.

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Australian Wildlife

This national park is home to an amazing array of Australian wildlife. In particular the area is known for its population of wombats, the burrowing marsupial. You can find their burrows easily, but to see these nocturnal animals you usually need to wait until later in the afternoon for them to emerge and start looking for food. A stroll along the forest trails provides a great chance to see wallabies and an array of birds. You also need to watch out for snakes in summertime. And to see the iconic animals that feature on Australia’s coat of arms – the kangaroo and emu – head to the Wildlife Walk.

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Get off the beaten track

For visitors to Melbourne who want an experience outside of what the guidebooks recommend, a trip to Wilsons Promontory is a fantastic choice. You’ll be visiting a destination that even many people who live in Melbourne haven’t been to. And if you’re a return visitor to Melbourne and have already taken the usual day trips, Wilsons Promontory National Park should be next on your list!

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