Mornington Peninsula Bathing Boxes

Melbourne’s Famous Bathing Boxes

Melbourne is home to some very colourful beaches. You’ve probably seen the pictures… colourful huts lined up along a sandy beach, sunshine beaming down and blue water lapping invitingly at the shore. The perfect place to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Or if you’re a tourist, in town for a short time only and on the hunt for the perfect insta-backdrop – the ideal place to bring your camera and some friends.

So where are the colourful Bathing Boxes in Melbourne?

Beaches near Melbourne and all along the Mornington Peninsula (south-east of the city) are dotted with these iconic bathing boxes, painted all different colours and all different designs. Closer to Melbourne, Brighton Beach has a large collection of bathing boxes, but if you are willing to venture a little further, you’ll find the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula are less crowded, equally as colourful and are the ideal place to experience how Melbournians like to take their summer holidays.

Beaches like Dromana, Mornington and Rye have bathing boxes and boat sheds that provide a colourful backdrop to a day spent exploring the beach. We visit the bathing boxes at Dromana on our Ultimate Mornington Peninsula tour, and it’s a popular stop to snap photos and check out bayside.

What are Bathing Boxes

The bathing boxes in Melbourne originated around the 1860’s when the Gold Rush brought people to Australia from all over the world. On hot summer days people would flock to Melbourne’s beaches to swim (bathe) and cool off. But in those times, with a strong British influence on the culture, it wasn’t seen as appropriate for woman to be seen in public in their swimwear. The bathing boxes were essentially the change rooms at the beach.

These days the boxes are individually owned by local Melbourne residents and mainly used for storing beach gear. On a hot summer’s day, the owners can come down to the beach and have their towels, beach chairs, kayaks and beach umbrellas all stored right there on the sand.

How to visit the Bathing Boxes

If you want to check out Melbourne’s iconic bathing boxes, #followtheBunyip to the Mornington Peninsula where the bathing boxes are part of a fun day spent discovering the beaches and bayside lookouts, as well as picking strawberries and having lunch at a local winery.