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Bunyip Tours caught up with Lisa from BIG4 Beacon Resort on the Bellarine Peninsula to learn what makes this accommodation such a great place to stay! We stay here on our 2 day 1 night Great Ocean Road and Phillip island Tour and it’s the perfect spot to rest between visiting two epic attractions.

Q: Tell us about your accommodation, where are you located and how long have you been open?
BIG4 Beacon Resort is on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula which is about a 90-minute drive south west of Melbourne at the start of the Great Ocean Road. It’s pretty close to everything so it is a good central base. The beach is just across the road, so you can walk over the dunes and take in the spectacular entrance to Port Phillip Bay, with the lighthouse and sandy bays and swimming areas as well.

Beacon Resort has been here for nearly 48 years so it’s a well-established family owned business. The accommodation ranges from budget friendly to premium 3 bedroom self-contained villas that have got gas log fires and two bathrooms and all those extras people enjoy. We’ve also got caravan and camping sites so you can bring your own tent and setup on our evergreen artificial turf sites and escape with what we call gourmet camping, so there’s a bit of something for everyone.

 Bedroom at Big4 Beacon Resort Bedroom at Big4 Beacon Resort

Q: What sets you apart from other accommodation in the area?
We’re very family friendly and have lots of family friendly facilities that are included in our rates. The quality of the accommodation is also very contemporary and very city style which is unexpected in our little coastal village where there’s a lot of historical bed and breakfast style accommodation.

Q: What are the best ways to get there?
The best way if you’re not on a tour is to hire a car or drive to us, because we are in a little coastal village outside of the city centres. However, public transport is available from Melbourne CBD to Geelong via train, then public bus to Queenscliff. There is a bus stop right at the front of the resort. You can also catch Port Phillip Ferry from Melbourne Docklands to the Bellarine Peninsula and arrange a transfer to the resort with our friendly staff.

Q: What type of rooms are available and how long do people usually tend to stay?
Typically people stay for 2 to 3 nights though during the summer period we do have people that come here and stay for 2 to 3 weeks. There’s so much to do in the local area and we’ve got such beautiful beaches which makes us a great summer destination. Because the accommodation is so self-contained it really makes it feel like a home away from home.

Q: You said that summer is the best time to go but is there a particular busy time that people need to be aware of?
Because we’re so close to Melbourne our weekends are usually quite busy so it is a good idea to book in advance for that time of year. Mid-week it is a little bit quieter, because we’re such a family destination we’ll often find people with young children and couples will come midweek and outside of school holidays.

Through winter we can be a lot quieter but it’s such a beautiful time to come as you don’t have to compete with the summer crowds. You have all the beautiful walks and food and wine producers that you can visit so it makes it a good winter getaway to recharge from city life.

 Lots of facilities available onsite at Big4 Beacon Resort Lots of facilities available onsite at Big4 Beacon Resort

Q: What are some facilities you have on site for guests?
We have a heated indoor pool and spa, an indoor toddler playground, a fitness studio and a day spa onsite which is quite unique for a holiday park. We’ve also got a giant jumping cushion, we do free kids activities all year round and we also have bikes for hire that you can use to get out and about and explore the area. We also hold yoga and Mat Pilates classes 7 days a week. Most of these facilities are included free for all our guests.

Q: When checking in what should guests have ready?
Their ID and also a credit card as we have a mini bar in the rooms people can choose to indulge in and sample some local produce and wines. Typically we’re waiting with a big welcoming smile for you at reception.

Q: What do guests find most surprising about your property?
The range of options that we have available and the contemporary nature of the accommodation, we’re a bit unexpected for a holiday park with our stone top kitchen benches, TVs in the bed rooms, gas log fires and also the range of facilities that we have available. We have something for all ages and a lot of indoor facilities for toddlers right up to mum and dad with the day spa and fitness studios and often people are really surprised about all that.

Q: Do you have WIFI or internet available?
Yes, we offer free WIFI for all our guests and it’s super easy to login, no password or username required.

 Coffee straight to your room fresh from the barista! Coffee straight to your room fresh from the barista!

Q: Are there many amenities nearby?
We’re quite close to Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale townships and they both offer a fantastic range of restaurants, cafes and supermarkets and they’re only a few minutes drive from us. We’ve also got a shop onsite where we have readymade meals prepared by a local restaurant available that you can heat up in your room. We offer an Aussie BBQ Dinner 3 days a week as well and we have barista-made espresso coffee available, both which can be delivered right to your door if you choose.

Q: Why would you say people should choose your accommodation over others?
We’ve got a great local team, we all live locally and are really passionate about the area, we love what we do so we’re always here to help you find your way around and get the best out of your Queenscliff stay. We’ve also got everything on our doorstep it’s only a 5 minute drive to the Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry so easy access to the Mornington Peninsula, the beach is just across the road and if you want to explore the other townships or head to the Great Ocean Road it’s only a short drive.

Q:Thanks very much Lisa!
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