Say Goobye to One of Our Favourite Interns: Tomoaki Aono

Hi, My name is Tomo, 

I’m an international student studying Travel and Tourism at William Angliss, and I’m from Japan. I did an internship for the marketing team of Bunyip Tours as a part of my curriculum. I would like to say thank you to all the staff at Bunyip Tours for your all supports and being patient and your understanding.

Bunyip Tours is a local bus tour company that offers single-day tours and multi-day tours which bring customers to popular and spectacular destinations in Victoria.

Working in a local travel company is so interesting for me because the atmosphere in Bunyip Tours is totally different from what I imagined it would be. It is relaxed and friendly, not as tense as I imagined. However, it was very professional as I imagined. Their knowledge and quick responses to the business customers and professionalism inspired me.

I was working with 4 staff in a marketing team, currently all the members have different culture backgrounds, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and of course Aussie. A work environment that has different nationalities in the same team is a something that I would have never experienced without this internship. It gives me an idea of how productivity is created by such a great diversity, which I studied at school but never experienced.

During the internship, my main tasks were setting up Multilingual commentary Application, and Updating the Japanese website of Bunyip Tours which has not been updated for several months. I hope my work would contribute to the business on Japanese market. In addition, working on application and website allowed me to gain destination knowledge a lot. If you are Japanese or you have Japanese friends, please share the website!!

Not only the given tasks were chance to learn, but also I could learn from how my colleague are working, like how they respond to the questions each other, communicate with other businesses quickly and accurately.

Best of all, they gave me opportunities to go on a tour with them, which were Phillip island and Puffing Billy tours. The tours were amazing and great chances, because I had never been to those destinations with tour a company. One of the guides was actually my teacher at school, and he showed me what is happening before the tour starts and after the tour finished. That is one of the best experiences I have learnt with Bunyip Tours.

It was a great internship that I could work for a local travel business such as Bunyip Tours. I could experience what working in the travel industry in Australia is like.

In the end, I would like to say thank you to Bunyip Tours and all the staff again. And for the school giving me this opportunity and experiences.

I really enjoyed and loved it!