Meet our Team

Meet the Owner

Aside from being the director and owner of Bunyip Tours, George is also the company's greatest visionary.  Known throughout the industry for his ability to turn a great idea (and vibe!) into a truly innovative and unforgettable tour, he has dedicated his professional career to creating our customers perfect trip of a life time.  You will find he often refers to his staff as his second family rather than his employees so to use his words "have a bonza day" and you might just feel like you are part of the family too!   



We are proud as punch of our guides!  They come to us from all walks of life, yet they all have one thing in common and that is an absolute passion for travel.  Making sure our customers have an unforgettable time on their tours throughout this fabulous state of ours is their number one priority. Watch out their enthusiasm and zest for life is catching!

Meet the Reservations team

We understand that visitors are what makes our business.  As such we provide a service with warmth, understanding and professionalism.  We go the extra mile to ensure all facets of your tour are a success.  So, you have a question before you want to book your tour with us?  Go ahead and ask- if we don’t know the answer we will try our hardest to find out for you! 

behind the scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed office doors? Well, you might not see these guys and girls, but with their expertise in marketing, operations, accounts and group & private charters they are making sure that everything runs smoothly for you!